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Have you ever had a car accident, or towing something that went bad quickly? Or, have you ever been on a situation in which you really need a tow truck? At some point of our lives, all of us have been in this predicament. Tow trucks are very important nowadays. They represent one of the most important ways of helping drivers who go through problems with their cars or are involved in accidents. Moreover, trucks help traffic authorities in keeping public spaces passable by removing vehicles that aren’t properly parked. There are 4 main types of tow trucks, and this article we’ll present to you those type of tow trucks. You’ll have the basic information about which one to ask for next time you’re indeed of one.


  1. Hook and Chain Tow Truck: These type of tow trucks were famous amongst tow truck drivers a few years ago, but nowadays they’re not as used. As its name implies these tow trucks have a hook that’s put in the axle or in the frame rail of the vehicle so the tow truck can move it through a boom winch. This type of procedure can damage or scratch the vehicle while is being moved. People should use this tow truck only on cars that are being transported to junkyards. Moreover, another situation in which this tow truck can be used is with vehicles that have their two front wheels removed because hook and chain tow trucks are the only transportation that can be used to secure them.
  2. Wheel-lift Tow Truck: These tow trucks are quite similar to hook and chain ones except for the materials that they are made of. A wheel-lift tow truck is created from a metal yoke, a material that doesn’t damage the vehicle. This tow truck lifts the vehicle through a hydraulic hoist and the metal yoke is located under the driver’s front wheel. As said before, the great thing about wheel-lift is that you can be sure it won’t cause any type of harm to your car. Still, they’re less expensive than other tow trucks and, most likely, less secure than flatbed tow trucks.
  3. Flatbed Tow Truck: You’ve probably seen tons of these trucks before, that’s because any type of vehicle can be towed by this truck. The mechanism of the flatbed tow truck is quite simple to understand. These tow trucks possess a part called “flatbed” on the back. This flatbed uses a hydraulic motor in order to move upward and downward. The flatbed goes down when a vehicle is about to be mounted on top of it. Depending on the situation, the vehicle can be moved or pushed to the flatbed. After this, the flatbed needs to move upwards in order to locate the vehicle on the truck. These tow trucks can also be used to move boats.
  4. Integrated Tow Truck: This tow truck differentiates from other ones because it has an extra set of axles that allow more stability and strength, that’s the reason why these trucks for transporting heavy-duty vehicles, such as buses.