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You need a tow truck service at unexpected crisis times like a sudden breakdown, flat tire, out of fuel etc. No matter for what you require wrecker services, it is essential to choose a solid, reliable company and not ‘here today gone tomorrow’ towing companies. However, to wean out a reliable company from the bad ones, you can observe and note the various signs that would help you gauge the company’s level of professionalism and dependability. Let’s read to learn about those telltale signs to help you be prepared beforehand for the time you need a tow.

Customer reviews

Past and current customers’ reviews are almost always the best place to start. In case the tow truck service is not worthwhile, you will find nothing but bad and negative reviews from actual customers. Thus, you can get the company off your list then and there only. Customer reviews are a potent weapon to help you identify a company’s business ethics and workmanship. Simultaneously, you must also realize that the reviews are highly one-sided. If you find few poor reviews in comparison to major good ones; it should not stop you from considering the service and using it for your future use.

Full fee disclosure

Do double checks to find out if the tow truck service company discloses all fees and charges before providing their services. There should be no hidden charges or fine prints that ask you to pay afterward. Being this transparent about charges will showcase their honesty and credibility. It also does not throw any unpleasant surprises at you at the time of bill settlement.

License and insurance

You must be wise enough to ensure that the towing company has all the proper licensing and insurance required to be in sync with the state’s regulations. This makes all your liability much easier in case of accidents or damages incurred by the tow truck. The license is also a proof that they are a professional and legal tow truck service provider.

Fleet & equipment

An authentic towing company would have an extensive and latest collection of tow trucks, recovery vehicles and other required specialized equipment. This would cement your trust that the tow company is well-equipped to handle any crisis situation.

GPS systems

Any credible and worthwhile tow truck service company would have all modern navigational systems like the GPS systems. The installation of the GPS system means that the tow truck can reach anywhere in the minimum time possible and you will experience the minimum waiting time.

Vehicle security

It is vital for a towing company to have a 24-hour monitoring system for its fleet. This will thwart theft and vandalism and you will no longer have such fears regarding your vehicle.

Certifications for drivers

The company must hire only professional and well-qualified drivers. Some must-have certifications that tow truck drivers need to have are Towing and Recovery Association of America, WreckMaster and any other State certifications.

Employee driving record checks

The towing company needs to do a stringent and detailed check into the driving licenses and driving records before employing any driver. This would not only enhance their professionalism but also boost customer confidence.

Employee background checks

Running a state and federal background checks on all potential employees before hiring them will cut any unpleasant incident in the future whilst ensuring that all tow truck operators are verified to be reliable and upstanding citizens.

Employee drug testing

Doping is a widespread issue, especially amongst drivers. Checking each employee on it will boost confidence in any company that they are qualified and responsible brand that can provide safe towing services.

Wrapping up

Checking on the above-mentioned parameters might seem like a headache but little pain taken initially will pay rich dividends later. You would always be assured of getting the most reliable tow truck service during any crisis.